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On 2005/08/06, at 3:34, eternitytime1@xxxxxxx wrote:

I'm still in Houston and respecting all faiths and paths and questions.

Good on you.

Reminds me that when Ruth and I arrived at the airport in Norfolk, VA, to start our trip back to Japan on Tuesday, we found ourselves directed to a special line set up for First Class and International Passengers. I was, initially, a bit upset because we found ourselves in back of a group of twenty fundamentalist Christians from the Church of the Rock on the Eastern Shore, starting their own journey to Bolivia, where they were scheduled to spend a week of manual labor cleaning and repairing missionary churches, followed by participating in a conference of Christian youth.

Had we started talking politics or theology, things might have turned unpleasant. As it was, I found myself enjoying a classic anthropological moment―chatting with people whose beliefs and values and largely alien to my own who turned out, nonetheless, to be, at least as far as this brief encounter went, some of the nicest people I've met. I couldn't, moreover, not be impressed by their dedication. All of the participants, including one boy aged 10, had raised the money required to pay for the trip themselves, and to save money on the flight they were looking forward to a 14-hour layover in Miami, followed by a red-eye to Bogota. Couldn't help wondering how many of my friends on the cultural left would do as much for the causes they claim to believe in.

John McCreery

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