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In a message dated 2/20/2015 10:41:35 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
phil.enns@xxxxxxxxx writes in "Kant and the politics of debt relief": "Here is 
link to an article that, using references to the Groundwork of the Metaphysics 
 of Morals and Perpetual Peace, gives a possible explanation of why the 
Greek  finance minister recently mentioned Kant."
Indeed! Another reason, why the Greek finance minister quoted Kant is that  
perhaps had he quoted Aristotle he would have criticised as _chauvinist_? 
(I  know Chauvin would!)

ps. Grice played with both Kantotle and Ariskant. On the other hand,  
historical research has not identified any biographical details of Chauvin,  
leading to the claim that he (Chauvin) may have been a wholly fictional  
Gérard Puymège indeed goes on to note that Chauvin positively did not  
exist, he was a legend, which crystallized under the Restoration and July  
Monarchy, from the pen of songwriters, vaudeville and historians.

Puymège argues that the figure of Chauvin continues the long tradition  of 
the mythological farmer-soldier or Miles Gloriosus from ancient times in  
Greek mythology.
Many writers and historians attribute to Chauvin (who never existed) the  
exploits of other Bonapartists. 
It is claimed that Chauvin (who did not exist) served in the Old  Guard at 
When the Old Guard was surrounded and made its last stand at La Belle  
Alliance, Chauvin (who never existed) is supposed to have shouted in  defiance 
to a call for their honorable surrender: 
"The Old Guard dies but does not surrender!", 
implicating a blind and unquestioned zealous devotion to one's country  (or 
other group of reference). 
Other historians allege that the reply by Chauvin (who never existed) to  
have been be "Merde!" (in English, roughly,  "Sh*t!").
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