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Andy Amago:
>>  Do you realize ANYONE at ANY TIME can just walk into the country?  Anyone, 
>> carrying whatever they can carry?  You like that? <<

It doesn't bother me.  If terrorists want in, they'll get in.  The only people 
we keep out are dissidents and critics of American policies.

>> Marlena gets it.  She understands that depressing wages lowers the standard 
>> of living for this country. <<

So, raise the minimum wage.  It's as simple as that.  Make the minimum wage in 
this country a living, family, saving wage.  Don't kick the poor in the stomach 
for being poor.

>> We in this country have a struggling middle class, a shrinking middle class 
>> as corporate entities do they can, with the blessing and help of Congress, 
>> to slam working people.<<

Yes, I agree.  So vote the greed-driven, corrupt plutocrats out of office.  
Don't assault the immigrants who are working their asses off for near slave 
wages so that you can have cheap produce and chickens. 

>>You're right, everything in this country is about money, money for the 
>>corporate bottom line, for the ultra rich.  I'll repeat:  exploiting illegal 
>>aliens keeps corporate profits zooming, tax breaks for the CEO's coming, the 
>>middle class in the U.S. sliding downhill, <<

And your solution is to keep anyone south of the border out.  Then everything 
will be fine.  I don't think so.  Let's try raising the minimum wage and taxing 
the wealthy before attacking the poor.

>> BTW, low life Fox's #1 source of income is exporting his people to work here 
>> and send money back to Mexico, << 

Even if that's true, I see nothing wrong with it.  They're doing jobs we need 
done and they're helping their families.  

>> Do you hate this country Mike?  Is that the problem? <<

No, but I do hate xenophobia and facile answers.

Mike Geary

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   Did you catch Wide Angle with Bill Moyers on PBS?  It's about India's 
growing middle class based on outsourced call center jobs from this country.  
GROWING MIDDLE CLASS.  The call centers over there are sparking the need for 
ancillary services like transportation, food service, shopping malls and so on. 
 That means jobs for Indians, better jobs, higher standard of living, growing 
middle class.  Before they had a middle class, India was in abject poverty.  
Before China had a middle class they were in abject poverty.  China has 
developed a significant enough, and growing, middle class that they are no 
longer considered a rising power.  They are a risen power.  Because of the 
freakin' engine that drives any economy, the middle class.

   The latest are the new bankruptcy regulations, higher credit card fees 
(higher, can you imagine; credit card fees now produce more income for the 
banks than interest rates), no help during disaster relief, and on and on.  An 
educated work force is our only hope, yet what are we here doing to improve it? 
 Pushing I.D. instead of science.  *How* do you propose to be a superpower in 
the 21st century with a population nurtured on I.D. instead of science, amid 
general lowering of standards in math and science and nobody doing anything 
about it?  Instead of improving public schools, Bush proposes vouchers.  Wow.

  security nil, and Vicente Fox from doing anything to improve the standard of 
living in his own country.  For the record, exploiting illegals is but one 
problem out of a long list (see above about credit card fees).  exporting them 
along with drugs, criminals, gangs, anything and everything that wants to come 
here while he does nothing, NOTHING, to improve his own country.   Are you 
suggesting it's okay for him to do nothing because Bush is doing nothing?  
Nothing good that is.  Lots bad but nothing good.  

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    The way I see it, there are two very good solutions to the immigration 
problem here is the good old U. S. of A.   The first is to license the killiing 
of illegal immigrants by U. S. citizens.  This is too big a problem for our 
local police forces to handle.  We must rely on the individual citizens of 
these great United States to identify and eradicate the aliens.  The other 
alternative is to welcome them with open arms and thank them for doing the shit 
jobs we won't do.  I'm not sure yet which option I favor.  The first is the 
simplest.  But it would probably require new laws drafting every able bodied 
citizen to report to the fields for the havesting of fruits and vegetables -- 
like in Cuba -- except, I think, they do it voluntarily there because they love 
Cuba -- try to get an American to report to the fields to pick okra without a 
bayonet at his back -- ha!  But still, killing a few thousand& 
nbsp;recalcitrant Americans is better than letting desperately poor people make 
a living off our needs.

    Vote for the gun.

    Mike Geary
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      In case anyone thought illegal immigration isn't about politics.  My man 
Lou Dobbs again:


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