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Okay, here's the daily dollop of depressing news.  If they're bombing a
city, they're dropping bombs on the population.  How do you figure they
aren't, especially after they've dropped 500,000 *tons* as of last
December.  It's more by now.  Even our guys die in friendly fire.  If 2
million pounds of bombs had been dropped on New York City and State,
targeting only enemies, it's a pretty fair bet that New Yorkers would be
killed, however unintentionally.  And unintentional is debatable given that
Americans imprisoned mostly ordinary Iraqis in Abu Ghraib, Americans
soldiers horrifically beat those they capture (like the Mexicans did in The
Falcon and the Snowman), Americans didn't care at all about looting, they
protected the oil and not the water, they rape and kill civilians, etc.
etc.  Democracy over there is basically doing what we told them to do and
it's getting pretty irrelevant anyway.

In addition to the as yet unknown ramifications as to where it will go in
terms of spilling over the borders and strengthening al Qaeda and all that,
this war has proved us militarily impotent.  And, maybe even worse, it
destroyed our image.  Now the allegedly big hearted Americans want to
overturn Geneva conventions and torture away.  Can't win militarily, have
no strategy, it's getting worse by the day, so somebody's gotta pay.  Yeah,
let's torture, that'll solve it.  

BTW, it's been known forever that this war cannot be won militarily, and
just now the do nothings in Congress like Frist are beginning to catch on. 
Three and a half years later they're beginning to catch on, and he's
talking only about Afghanistan.  They still haven't had a single hearing on
this war.  Probably because it will come out that, amid the general Three
Stooges meet Laurel and Hardy style incompetence, literally many billions
in appropriations have been stolen by big hearted Americans.  Depressed
enough?  Probably not.  America rules.  America rocks.  We won WWII  ...
Every day in every way ... democracy is on the march ...

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> Andy: Any facts brought to your attention are dismissed as 
> alarmist or some other thing.
> Andy earlier:  the many millions of tons of bombs they 
> dropped on the population
> Dropped them on the population? How many millions was that 
> again? On the population you say? That's alarming.
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