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  • Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 13:08:38 +0100

I forgot all that.  I don't know whether Barney Frank
should have resigned over fixing the parking tickets.
The only analogous recent case here that comes to mind concerns
a heterosexual cabinet minister (a high-ranking one)
and (of course) a woman, and a rather more serious
intervention in the political process than fixing
parking tickets -- in the end, after a series of
scandals and a second major "blunder", he resigned.
And quite right too.

There's also the current case of the immigration judges
who charged an illegal immigrant who'd worked for
them both and was the lover of one with blackmail; she was
found not guilty of blackmailing the male judge so his name
has been released.  He is, basically, ruined given the
in the case.

herewith a non-salacious account, you can find the "what he
said in an email" by Googling immigration judge Khan
(it isn't that salacious, but you'll see what our tabloids are


(Oh I forgot, these people are all heterosexuals. We have gay and
lesbian politicians etc., of course, but they've been models of
boring probity lately, it would seem. I take it your heterosexual
pols have too, or you'd have given an instance of their behaviour
rather than dredging up a case from 1990.)

 Then it
> was spun to look like a gay rights issue,

I must look it up to see whether I agree. If it was, Eric, that
might be because gays do lack rights that non-gays have,
and the US is not that great at addressing the issue; or
it could be because of the virulence of homophobia in
certain places in the US; or because for whatever reason,
movie stars etc. there tend not to come out as gay in the way
ours do.

Incidentally I read that, as Irene says, these pages were not
under age (they were not however that much over it, so though
there's no legal problem, there certainly is a problem; the one
whose IM has been published is, I read, 16) and
that he waited before they'd stopped being pages before he hit
on them. So it begins to look as though the people who worked
with him, covered this up, warned some would be pages about
him but not others (because warning the others would have alerted
people) are the really guilty ones.

Judy Evans, Cardiff

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