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So 'tis a defence for the position that MG is glad no being a philosophe?


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WHY I'M GLAD I'M NOT A PHILOSOPHER Well first, there's my dick.I don't
ever, ever, ever want to wonder whether it's real or not.Then there are
peanuts and almonds and pistaschios and sunflower kernels --I won't brook
any argument that suggests they're any less important than God.Then
there's all that reading without any laughing,Then there's the fact that
nobody knows what the hell you're talking about anyway --Except maybe a
bunch of other philosophers who think you're a goddamn idiotFor not
recognizing them As the one who's got the goods,Who's ready to blowHumanity's
mindIf only we'd all take the timeTo really, really, really, really read
them. Mike GearyMemphis

The more abstract the truth is that you would teach, the more you have to 
seduce the senses to it.
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil


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