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There is no splainin' when it comes to languages. (In German, girls are
neutered, so zum sagen.) 'Tis all contingency, winding streets and deadend back
alleys, with neither rhyme nor reason (Wittgenstein). Try philosophy instead. 

Rorty gave up on philosophy, and went into comp. lit. in beautiful Virginia
because he could only see philosophy as a collection of different languages
(vocabularies). He went to the grave with that mistake. I'm sorry to see him
go. Though mostly wrong, I found him interestingly wrong.  And at the end of
the day ...

Walter O

Quoting Julie Krueger <juliereneb@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Someone 'splain to me, please, why when I do a spell-check, "enquirer" is a
> valid option, "enquire" is not, "inquire" is, and "inquirer" is not.
> Where the hell is Speranza when you need him....
> Julie Krueger

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