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  • Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 07:57:40 -0700

Last time I visited Britain the fellow in the seat next to me was part of the Tartan Army. Which is to say that he spent all of his savings following the Scottish football team from place to place, hoping for an occasional win, determined to have a good time in whatever place the game was scheduled. It is an expensive hobby. I can't remember where exactly he had been, but three or four international flights and hotels and drink and...

After today's story about the Tartan Army  landing in Kiev


a conversation follows. Among the many subjects considered--how well the Scots "oriented" themselves in downtown Kiev, in spite of having reached for beers as soon as they landed; whether Fifespeak and Weegie count as languages; whether Scots eat more mince than haggis-- is why Scottish fans sing a song from the "Sound of Music," "Doe (or doh) a deer." The answers are that the song was first sung by supporters at a game in Vienna in the early nineties, that it's easy to sing and that a lot of noise may intimidate opposing teams (this from the nation thad made a recreational instrument into a weapon). Comment #51 refers to the all time "classic" football song, "Campbell Forsyth we wish you were Ritchie," of which I hadn't heard.

None of this is important.

Carry on.

David etc.

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