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I'm thinking Moms are incredibly imaginative <g>.  
Julie Krueger
thinking sometimes "white lies" are truly compassionate.

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I've been at the other end of this "of  course."   When my daughter was 2 
years old, we had a puppy  (lab-terrier mix) who never socialized 
properly.   He always  nipped at the kids' heels and barked at the 
neighbours through the  fence.   We spent a lot of time with him (I was 
home full time for  years) but couldn't get him to stop these and other 
annoying  behaviours.   We tried giving him to a farm family who had no  
children and no close neighbours, but they brought him back.   We  
finally took him to the Humane Society with a warning about his  
problems.  The warnings probably sealed his fate, but we told our  
daughter that he had gone to a home where they needed a watchdog much  
more than we did.   She seemed to understand and the following  year, we 
bought a golden lab puppy (who was not perfect either, but had the  
sweetest personality).   Kate and Marley grew up together.   Marley ate 
our sofa one day when we weren't home, but we loved her  anyway.  

There's another story, too.   My son was about  three.  We had been out 
for a walk in the woods and stopped to admire  the spring runoff at a 
little waterfall.   When we set off he had  a little stuffed dog with him 
(named Ivan the Terrible) but when we  returned, he didn't have him.   
Not being able to return to look  for him, we told my son that a squirrel 
had surely rescued Ivan from the now  cold and freezing rain and that 
Ivan was warm and safe inside a squirrel's  comfy home in a tree.   We 
talked about Ivan for at least three  months, imagining his adventures 
with the squirrel.  

I'm sure  you all have stories like this....

David Ritchie wrote:
> What a  sad tale, made more so by the "of  course."

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