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No Nellie sounds like Julie London or Peggy Lee -- a female crooner, but the 
songs are rap-like and very funny.  It's certainly suitable for children.  Erin 
has sad taste in music, that's all.  Ignore her.  Or try Jim White's  
"Wrong-Eyed  Jesus"  I love that even more than McKay.

Mike Geary

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  So, Mike, I need some additional personal experience here -- did this indeed 
happen to you, when you listened to her?  I'm more or less assuming from Erin's 
review that it is not, at least, suitable for children......

  Julie Krueger

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  Don't listen to Mike.  It's ghastly.  Absolutely repulsive.  You'll feel like 
  killing yourself for weeks afterwards.  You'll wind up drinking a lot of 
  in an attempt to forget the wholly wretched experience and then likely resort 
  to antipsychotics, which, needless to say, will react poorly with the booze 
  you're consuming until one night you'll black out and wake up the next 
  in a tree seeing nothing but colours.  For your own sake, don't do it.  The 
  woman's despicable.  


  Quoting Mike Geary <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

  > Try Nellie McKay's "Get Away From Me"  I love it.  But don't tell Erin that
  > you've listened to her and especially don't tell her you like it.  She gets
  > rabid about Nellie McKay.  Pity.
  > Mike Geary
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  >   Not Sarah McLachlan(sp?)-ish, probably not bluesy; something sedgy but not
  > head-banger.  I've worn out my Annie Lennox "Bare" CD, Tori Amos (God I love
  > those women), Cake, Johnny Lang, U2, and some others I'm probably forgetting
  > at the moment.  I've done in Randy Newman's Songbook Vol 1, particularly
  > "God's Song" (permit me to quote the lyrics, as that along with his entirely
  > unique piano artistry and voice are grounds enough, is why that track is
  > nearly worn down.)
  >   "God's Song
  >   (That's Why I Love Mankind)
  >   Cain slew Abel and Seth knew not why
  >   For if the children of Israel were supposed 
  >     to multiply
  >   Then why must any of the children die?
  >   So he asked the Lord
  >   And the Lord said:
  >   Man means nothing he means less to me
  >   Than the lowliest cactus flower
  >   Or the humblest yucca tree
  >   He chases round this desert
  >   'Cause he thinks that's where I'll be
  >   That's why I love mankind
  >   I recoil in horror from the foulness of thee
  >   From the squalor, and the filth, and the misery
  >   How we laugh up her in heaven at the prayers
  >     you offer Me
  >   That's why I love mankind
  >   The Christians and the Jews were having a jamboree
  >   The Buddhists and the Hindus joined on sattelite TV
  >   They picked their four greatest priests
  >   And they began to speak
  >   They said, "Lord a plague is on the world
  >   Lord no man is free
  >   The temples that we built to you
  >   Have tumbled into the sea
  >   Lord if you won't take care of us
  >   Won't you please please let us be"
  >   And the Lord said
  >   And the Lord said:
  >   I burn down your cities
  >   How blind you must be
  >   I take from you your children and you say how
  >     blessed are we
  >   You all must be crazy to put your faith in Me
  >   That's why I love mankind
  >   You really need Me
  >   That's why I love mankind"
  >   Turn THAT up at full volume and read the best pieces of Sexton and
  > Zymborska (sp?) and see what happens to you.
  >   Anyway.  I'm open to suggestions for new music.  Anyone?
  >   Julie Krueger
  >   trying not to live a life of quiet desperation

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