[lit-ideas] I dream of Ritchie

  • From: "Mike Geary" <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 08:59:54 -0500

Being so well cited by his students, I hate to recite what David Ritchie wrote 
in his post in my dream.  Yes, I dreamed I was reading a post of David 
Ritchie!!!!  Do I need a sabbatical or what?!  In his post Ritchie urged us all 
to grow green beans in plastic gallon milk jugs in our houses.  He tells us how 
to cut off the top of the jug leaving a bit of the handle as a watering and 
fertilizer spout, how to fill the jug with soil and mulch, how to anchor down 
bamboo support stakes for the vine to grow on.   And not one joke or witticism. 
 The man has found his mission!!

I rarely remember any of my dreams, but I remember bits of 3 from last night.  
Besides the Ritchie one (of which I remember the most) I dreamed that I went to 
my workshop (a detached house garage) for the first time in a long time and 
when I opened the door I found myself in a field with knee-high grass -- inside 
the garage -- I had to dodge these weird golden yellow bugs about the size of 
hummingbirds that would drop down from the rafters, I was running from them 
when I noticed something moving in the grass -- it turned out to be a woman and 
her two young boys.  She asked if I had anything to eat, they were starving.  
That's all I can remember.  No interpretations, please.  The other dream had me 
on a large city plaza full of people.  Along comes a man dragging a huge 
painting.  His legs give way under him and he collapses.  I help him up, ask if 
I can take him somewhere.  Then someone else approached and I can't remember 
any more.

If anyone is jealous because I haven't read their posts in my dreams, take 
consolation in the knowledge that I well may have.  I just so very seldom ever 
remember any details of my dreams that anything is possible. 

Thanks for the how-to, David.

Mike Geary

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