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  • Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 17:22:44 -0400

The surrealist auteur news-demagagogue Bill O'Reilly was somehow given access to a microphone so he could make these remarks:


O'Reilly: "Many, many, many" hurricane victims who failed to evacuate New Orleans are "drug-addicted ... thugs"

On the September 13 broadcast of The Radio Factor, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly claimed that "many of the poor in New Orleans" did not evacuate the city before Hurricane Katrina because "[t]hey were drug-addicted" and "weren't going to get turned off from their source." O'Reilly added, "They were thugs."


Now the tragedy is that a lot of times these people have children, and society has to take care of their children. Now, to me, I'm much more punitive than -- I would take the children away from these people. If you tested positive for heroin or crack, I'd take your child away, out of the house. All right, I'd rather have the kid in the system than under your control. It's a tough call, but that's what I would do. But it isn't society's neglect, it's the absence of personal responsibility, which the government can not force you to be responsible, not in a free society.

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