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> On the other hand, in later writings, H. P. Grice, the epitome of analytic  
> philosophy, [....]

Jl continues to provide us with edification on the nature and limits of
philosophical analysis and learning. I'm sure a number of us would very much
appreciate JL's explication of how Grice satisfies the criteria of "the epitome
of analytic philosophy." Is this yet another validity claim one justifies by

On a research term, with too much time on his hands,

Walter O.

 became a sort of humanist, when he would say that while the
> concept 
>  'man' is extensional, the concept 'human' is INTENSIONAL. There is a  
> transcendental gap between one class and the other, made by axiological
> means.  That 
> while it would not be immoral to kill _men_, it would be immoral to kill  
> _humans_. 
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> JL
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>       author of "Self-Made Man: The Historical  Origins of Humanism"
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