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More on gerunds


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But what about verb words that are not gerunds?  Is the noun 'hit' derived from 
a once metaphorical use of the verb 'hit'? and what of 'kick' and 'run' and 
'balk' and 'bother' and 'stroll' -- were they originally nouns or verbs?  What 
about expressions such as "a god-send".  I don't know the answer to these 
questions. can you answer them for me?  Hey, there's another one!  They're like 
flies -- oh, no, is that one too?
Mike Geary
nouning verbs in Memphis  

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        When verbs function as nouns they are called gerunds, e.g., "asking" in 
"do you mind my asking you?" [example from the Oxford Dictionary of English]
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        Does this work the other way around? Do verbs turn into nouns?
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        >>> I just heard someone say "incentivize" on public TV.
        >> That's been around for a long time. yrs,
        > Where there's a noun, there will soon be a verb. (One of Paul's many 
        > Robert Paul

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