[lit-ideas] How many are the Jihadists, and shall we worry about them?

  • From: "Lawrence Helm"<lawrencehelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Lit-Ideas" <Lit-Ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 17:43:30 +0000

Gad, here I go getting roped into another really really stupid quibble.  Are 
Communists party members?  Were Fascists members of Fascists parties.  I 
assumed so and said so in the note Simon quoted and then didn't read.  

Simon assumes not.  He assumes everyone who ever lived in the Soviet Union was 
a Communist and everyone who ever lived in Nazi Germany was a Nazi, as 
apparently Judy does in support of Simon, and gloms onto this invented quibble 
rather than the common sense of what is being said.  

What is Pipes point and what is mine?  I shouldn't have to spell it out for 
you, but I will.  We are worried about the committed fanatics today.  How many 
are there?  These are the Jihadists, the people we have to worry about.  How 
many notes did I write speculating about their number.  Were 30% of the total 
number of Muslims, Islamists?  Was it some lesser number?  Pipes says 10-15%.  
Does that mean we have less to worry about?  No, Pipes tells us, these 
fanatical Jihadists comprise a greater number than the equivalently committed 
Fascists and Communists.  I assume "party members."  Simon foolishly assumes 
entire populations and then scoffs at me for not making his mistaken numbers 
add up.


PS:  My server is acting up this morning.  It is bouncing all the messages 
being sent me.  I can apparently send messages out but not receive them.  I 
logged onto the lit-ideas web site to verify that messages were being sent out 
that I didn't receive.  How anxious I shall be to log onto 
www.freelists.org/archives/lit-ideas/ to see what new ludicrous and foolish 
insults are being leveled against me?  

They happily quibble or speak of a manufactured war organized by Exxon rather 
than confront the fact that a huge number of fanatical Jihadists have declared 
war against us and are doing their level best to kill and defeat us. How many 
times should I yell "get out of the river!  Get out of the river!  There are 
crocs there!  There are crocs!"?    Seven times?  They are laughing and 
scoffing at the idea that crocs are dangerous.  

Seventy times Seven?


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