[lit-ideas] Re: Hoping John and his friends and family are OK

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  • Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 01:15:04 +0900

Thanks, Robert. As I just replied to Ursula, we're OK. It was the biggest quake 
we've experienced in our 30 years in Japan, but we just got bounced around a 
bit: nothing like the horrific stuff a hundred miles or so northeast of us--or 
the stranded commuters huddled in train stations or walking home through a near 
zero night.


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On 2011/03/12, at 1:15, Robert Paul <rpaul@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ursula wrote
>> Terrible scenes from Japan this morning.
> Terrible indeed. My daughter-in-law's family live in Yokohama, too, and I 
> just had an email from my son saying that Michi just had an email from
> her mom saying that they were all right and 'not to worry.' (We still worry 
> though.)
> We've been sitting here watching the coverage of the (potential) tsunami 
> damage along the Oregon coast. There've been evacuation warnings for 
> low-lying areas along the entire coast
> (Washington, Oregon, California). Here no more than six or seven feet surges 
> are expected―but that's enough to do plenty of damage in places. 
> Let us hear from you, John.
> Robert
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