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The  attribution to
Cervantes locates the expression in Book II of El Quijote.  Book II wasn't
published until 1616.

In light of JL's research, I'd  guess that the English translator copped the
expression from Europae  Speculum, and that the translation of DQ was much 
widely disseminated  than was Sandy's work, misleading dozens of
quotation-compilers down  through the years.

"No consiento que me anden musarañas ante los ojos, porque se donde me  
aprieta el zapato: digolo porque los buenos tendran conmigo mano y concavidad, 
los malos ni pie ni entrada."
Walter Starkie's translation:
"I know where the shoe pinches. I'm saying this, because I'll always be  
ready to give the good a helping hand, but I won't let the bad but a foot near  
(Nothing about honest policies).
J. M. Cohen's translation:
"I know where the shoe pinches. I mean to say that the good shall have  
entrance and inflammation with me, and the wicked neither foot nor  fellowship."
Nothing about honest cops, either.
So it was all Motteaux's invention --. Speculum Europae indeed

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