[lit-ideas] Homosexuality for population control

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This week's British Medical Journal continues its wonderful tradition of st=
imulating discussion with this opinion piece by a Kenyan doctor:



Of evolution and homosexuality =

Except for the Pope and President Bush, and their respective phalanxes, eve=
ryone, including the BMJ, is eager to proclaim that homosexuality is not an=
 aberration. So far no one seems to have recognised its evolutionary role. =

The survival value of homosexuality for the human species is to be found in=
 its effect on population growth. Anyone who is worried about environmental=
 degradation caused by the growth of the human population should promote ho=
mosexuality. Indeed, it would be desirable if most people became homosexual=
 and only a small, selected proportion of humans of every recognisable subg=
roup attended to the modest reproductive needs of the species. =

All the effort, emotion, and money spent on family planning could be saved,=
 and disgusting and unnatural practices of contraception=97such as genital =
mutilation, various prophylactic methods, and even withdrawal and the obser=
vance of cervical mucus=97could be done away with. Indeed, homosexual sex i=
s akin to organic farming inasmuch as it eschews artifice, yet it yields pl=
easure and elation and, often, pure love. =

The ideal social organisation of mankind in this overcrowded world would be=
 one in which the majority lived in homosexual monogamy. If homosexuality b=
ecame the norm, population numbers would decline precipitously. =

From the point of view of the species, the survival value of this arrangeme=
nt is obvious. The concept of cultural evolution can explain how the paradi=
gm leap came about, for so far "natural" evolution has been known to work o=
nly through the machinery of reproduction and not its negation. Avoiding re=
production is a cultural activity par excellence. =

As far as recruitment into the breeding groups is concerned, in the immedia=
te future there will be no shortage of volunteers. But eventually, as the b=
reeders will become a minority, there is the danger that they will be discr=
iminated against. Protection of "aberrant" behaviour such as reproduction w=
ill be just as much in the interest of the species as is now the upholding =
of homosexual rights for the sake of reversing population growth. =

Prejudice against homosexual marriage will diminish as soon as people reali=
se that that newly established institution is a guarantor of "natural" popu=
lation policy.


The Rapid Responses to the article are well worth the read.


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