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Many thanks, Robert.  I see I'll need a fresh bottle of Oban to appropriately
savour these wonderful definitions. Adding more definitions to the list is
certainly more entertaining than Scrabble or Monopoly.

Cheers, Walter

Quoting Robert Paul <rpaul@xxxxxxxx>:

>  Uxbridge Dictionary of Philosophy
> This dictionary, an illegitimate but fertile offspring of the Uxbridge
> English Dictionary <http://www.alspcs.com/main.html> and the Philosophical
> Lexicon <http://www.philosophicallexicon.com/>, was started by Anthony
> Gottlieb, author of *The Dream of Reason: A History of Western
> Philosophy* (Penguin
> 2001). Suggestions for new entries should be sent to Hugh Mellor.
> *A fortiori*: There are at least 40 papers on this already
> *A posteriori*: He is talking out of his arse
> *A priori*: Someone already said that
> *Abstraction*: Stretching stomach muscles
> *Accidental property*: Windfall
> *Aesthetic*: Pain-inducing
> *Argumentum ad baculum*: Back-stabbing
> *B-theory of time*: Time is honey
> *Bad company objection*: 'That's what *they* say'
> *Canonical form*: Clergyman's track record
> *Chinese Room*: Restaurant with effective but uncomprehending waiters
> *Chinese Room Argument*: Dispute in a Chinese Room (q.v.)
> *Contingent proposition*: Unnecessary remark
> *Converse*: Prisoners' poetry
> *Copula*: Small policewoman
> *Demiurge*: Weak inclination
> *Determinist*: Ambitious colleague
> *Disposition*: Here (see also 'dat-position')
> *Dualist*: Disputatious
> *Endurantist*: Patient listener
> *Entailment*: What Manx cats envy
> *Error theory*: Your theory
> *Ex post facto*: The proof is in the mail
> *Existential import*: Cheap foreign philosophy
> *Extensional operator*: Masseur
> *Extensionally adequate*: Stinks but otherwise OK
> *External relation*: Foreign family member
> *Fallacy*: Male-dominated
> *Fictionalist*: Liar
> *Formal ontology*: Black tie metaphysics
> *Framework*: Conceptual zimmer frame
> *Genidentity*: Jennifer's essence
> *Goedel's Theorem*: 'Every system of truths contains at least one
> misrepresented by popularisers'
> *Heterological*: Preferring the other truth-value
> *Idealist*: String of suggestions
> *Internal relation*: Embryo
> *Intuition*: Under instruction
> *Material conditional*: A device for drawing material conclusions from
> immaterial premises
> *Mentalese*: Dualist painkiller
> *Metaphysics*: Just encountered a branch of science
> *Monist*: Philosophical whinger
> *Naturalist*: Bare particular
> *One over many*: Head of Department
> *Ontic vagueness*: Indeterminate credit
> *Ontological commitment*: Longevity
> *Overdetermined*: Tries too hard
> *Paradox*: Military airports
> *Physicalist*: Muscular naturalist (q.v.)
> *Presentist*: Generous gift-giver
> *Property dualism*: 'What's yours is mine'
> *Propositional calculus*: The science of pick-up lines
> *Reductionist*: Administrator
> *Second order desire*: Wish for a refill
> *Semantics*: Sea-going parasites
> *Specious present*: Gift-horse
> *Sorites Paradox*: 'Philosophers never lose enough hair to become bald'
> *Supervenience*: Large toilet
> *Surprise Test Paradox*: Students are never ready for the exam
> *Theodicy*: Companion piece to Theiliad
> *Third Man Argument*: I can't see what's wrong with this, but X can
> *Thomist*: Bibliophile
> *Transcendental Argument*: Enables philosophers to endure the toothache
> *Transworld identity*: Frequent flyer number
> *Two-place relation*: Family member with a second home
> *Universalist*: Academic poet
> ------------------------------
> The foregoing is rom the *Uxbridge Dictionary of Philosophy *
>      http://people.ds.cam.ac.uk/dhm11/DictPhil.html
>   The UDP is itself one of the the sub-categories of David Chalmers'
> *Philosophical Humor * page
>      <http://consc.net/phil-humor.html>
> Despite what you may think, David Chalmers is a very smart guy.
> Robert Paul

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