[lit-ideas] Hitler and Stalin

  • From: Andy <mimi.erva@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 05:24:08 -0700 (PDT)

The History Channel recently did a show on the psychohistory of Hitler and 
Stalin, comparing the two.  The two are remarkably similar in their 
biographies.  They parallel in a number of ways, but most notable is that they 
both had extremely violent fathers and 'adoring' mothers (which is to say 
mothers that were way too close to them which means they were not mothers at 
all).  Hitler's father (nice white European father) beat him regularly and when 
the boy ran away at age eight the father found him and beat him so viciously 
that the child went into a coma for three days and nearly died.  Stalin's 
father beat his son so badly that at one point the child had blood in his urine 
from a beating.  I remember an unrelated show on serial killers where an FBI 
agent was interviewed and said the way to stop the formation of serial killers 
is for people to stop torturing their children.  Why do we need an FBI agent to 
tell us this?  Why is it not self
The no brainer conclusion is that society breeds serial killers and mass 
murderers through absolute criminal behavior and criminal negligence of its 
incipient humans.  Child rearing is downright sneered at as 'woman's work' when 
the fact is it's *creating humans*.  It's strange that in all the emotional 
energy that goes into hating Hitler and Stalin (among others), no energy at all 
goes into mourning the two children (among others) that were so tortured and 
responded by shutting down and later recreating their experience through mass 
murderer, and to prevent it from happening again.  All the energy goes into 
more and bigger weapons as if increasing the chaos in the world is going to 
improve it.  Not to mention building prisons.  We never have enough prisons.  
 If child rearing is given a thought, it's from an occupational perspective 
only, resulting in greed, which, love those humans, is perversely considered 
good.  Greed is as good as humans
 know.  Ironically, humans could turn things around in one or two generations 
if they'd just make sure that every child felt safe and had a real mother AND a 
real father.  Tall, tall order that is never going to happen.  


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