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The only way we can find such behavior forgivable is in a fight to the
death. Is that what's going on here?
Still playing Devil's Advocate, I reply YES, that's what we have here. That 
is the nature of Islamic Theofascism, not a patriotic protection of national 
culture but an imperialist ideology of world domination. In fact, it is our 
blending of the two that allows us to extenuate and apologize for the 
half-measures we take.
Granted it's a SLOW fight to the death, but only because our opponents lack 
our vast stockpiles of weapons. But they sure can make bombs! Check the morning 

To the esteemed Robert Paul, I reply that "should be able to" means "should 
be able to, without legal let or hindrance." Without legal hindrance from an 
overscrupulous JAG, we would have eliminated Mullah Omar in Afghanistan. In 
general, the US has so many rules of engagement and restrictions that we are 
to respond when quick response would bring a success.

Finally, the Devil's Advocate reminds readers that all nations act solely in 
their self-interest, act amorally on a daily basis, so that bringing moral 
considerations into acts of national survival is inappropriate. "Morality" is 
rhetoric every nation uses as part of its PR campaign.

Personally I may be appalled by the whole thing, but as the Devil's Advocate 
have license to stir the pot a bit.

Inciting others to wax poetic,

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