[lit-ideas] Help with Hegel Quote (Was: "SM" -- and Aristotle on slavery

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>so maybe the reason we haven't killed them isn't  because we're too >decent, 
but because we're just as greedy  and selfish and self->aggrandizing as they 
Depends on your point of view. A Hegelian would testify  here to the 
_universality_ of the Platonic dialectic of the Slave-Master cycle. 
No slave without a master.
No master without a slave.
Hegel hoped to show that the dialectic of _thesis_ and  _antithesis_ would 
eventually materialize in a _synthesis_, which I don't think  is what 
are thinking of when they say, "The South Will Rise Again". 
Etcetera, etcetera.
But I don't understand what Geary means by 'servant's  job', so there. Is 
that like the old indenture thing brought back from the  Mother Land?
I never read -- in German -- that passage where Hegel  speaks of the master 
and the slave. I suppose he is also quoting from Aristotle  who thought that 
'barbarians' were a necessity in Athens (therefore justifying  slavery in ... 
"Ethica Nichomachea"? 

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