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On May 12, 2010, at 3:45 PM, Donal McEvoy wrote:

--- On Wed, 12/5/10, David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I wonder if anyone more familiar with OED abbreviations
than I am can puzzle this out.  The first listing under
"unforgettable" refers to "1806 Ann. Rev. IV. 608."  I
can't find anything like it in the bibliographic

"Ann. Rev." may be Annual Review, from year "1806", volume "IV", page "608". But you knew that.

Thank you Donal, and for off-list replies. I assumed that it was a competitor to the "Register" that Burke edited, but I couldn't pull up anything under "Annual Review."

If you or other list members come across vol iv,--vol iii is on Google books-- I want to know which poem was described on page 608 as having "unforgettable scenes." I'm writing about how odd it must have been to have read, in say 1748, scenes from Virgil and not had the word "unforgettable" available in your vocabulary to describe them. What did people say? "I'll wager you that I won't soon forget Turnus' death, and his subsequent flight, complaining to the shades"? "Pshaw," says the clay-pipe smoking respondent, lifting his gouty leg, "I'll take that wager if you'll stop dipping your mental tentacles..."

David Ritchie,
way over the limit in
Portland, Oregon

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