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We have seen the quote several times already, and unless there is some
cogent argument to support it there is no point commenting.

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This is so grievously false that it even reading it hurts.

GRICE liked Heidegger


1 he was Heidegger

2. he was grice

3. he was living (at the time of the liking)

4. he was the greatest (at the time of the living)

The rest is speranza’ slander

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In a message dated 11/17/2015 3:39:21 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx writes that he is "toying with the idea of
becoming a de-Nazified Heideggerean in the New Year."

He means the Christian New Year, not the Chinese New Year (A Chinese
friend of mine that the qualification is necessary given Grice's rule, "Be
as informative as is required").

The implicature is triggered by the fact that while the New Christian Year
will be 2016, the new Chinese year will be 4653 -- "and this difference
should not be left to cancelled implicature," my Chinese friend goes on."

Grice thought Heidegger was the greatest living philosopher for mainly two

(a) He was greatest

(b) He was living

Heidegger wrote "Being and Time" when Grice was a teen-ager (not a word
Heidegger would use) -- and he would later meet with the reviewer of "Being
and Time" for "Mind": Ryle. Their first conversation ran as follows
("Grice: The Journals").

Grice: I read your review of "Being and Time" in "Mind", professor.

Ryle: And did you like it?

Grice: I think your review supersedes the book itself.

Ryle: You're welcome. You know, myself, I never read a book before
reviewing it; it prejudices a man so.

Grice: What made you think I did read Heidegger's book myself.

Ryle: Well, you said my review supersedes the book under review.

Grice: It's way shorter, no?

When Ryle read the transcripts of the 1967 where Grice calls Heidegger
"the greatest living philosopher," he commented: "He did like my review,
Grice did, though!"



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