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yes indeed. the fact that you have not answered the question shows that
either you are not certain of this Viennese Quatsch or that you cound
inaction as actions........

so much for the book to be written (he died before he finished) ON
CLARITY by Joe Wittgenstein a cousin of ludiwg in Kansas City , MO

Tue, 20 Nov 2007 Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Walter O. is quoting from Wittgenstein at Malcolm's [insert suburb in city]
> and his (Walter's) idea that certainty is ground for action.
> Palma gets irritated and states and asks:
> >I am rather, even quite, certain that I do not have siblings on  Venus.
> >Now this the ground of which action, pray tell?
> ----
> I'm surprised you can have such cold blood. Surely if you _have_ siblings  in
> Venus, it is
> your duty to communicate with them, and maybe visit them, or have them  visit
> you.
> Especially at thanksgiving.
> The fact that you have not done _anything_ in that direction is a proof  that
> either you are heartless or (suggestio falsi et inactio est typus actionis)
> or
> you are not _that_ certain that you don't have siblings in Venus.
> Palma also said (or suggested) that he wears shoes with heels.
> So I will end this note with a Shakespeare
> "Methink the lady doth protest too much"
> Cheers, -- and yes, happy thanksgiving.
> JL
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