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Jack writes,


“A liberal democracy is about the people and making their lives better.  If the 
people don't count, where is the democracy?”   I was thinking that same thing 
in response to Judy’s praise of the laws that prevented the people from 
resisting Islamic immigration and the spread of Sharia Law.  


Now as to your quotes, I addressed that as far as I was able.  Such matters 
have to do with “Capital” and we can only deal with the most heinous excesses 
after the fact.  We would be controlled by “Robber Barons” were it not for the 
laws we created in the past to restrict their excesses.  However, one must be 
careful with the restrictions we place on those who own the capital.  We may 
complain about them as you are doing, but I am too much of a Stoic to do that.  
They are an intrinsic part of our Liberal Democracy – “Liberal” in the 
classical sense of the word, not in the modern sense that means Left-wing 
radical” – and as Fukuyama has argued, there is no system that is better, and 
no system out there that can challenge it.  so you grumble to what end? 


Fukuyama following Kojeve, argued that Hegel was right after all.  Marx turned 
Hegel on his head saying he was almost right in saying Capitalism would 
comprise the end of history, but Communism, not Capitalism, would do that.  
When all but the most radical saw the fall of the Soviet Union as the failure 
of Communism, Fukuyama wrote his book celebrating Hegel’s prescience.  




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It's a wonder you don't call it conservative democracy the way you demonize 
liberals.  Here's a link for what good citizens legal corporate persons are:








You say throw the rascals out.  How?  Hank Paulson was from Goldman Sachs, and 
the rest of government are pedigreed from any corporation  you want to name.  
The list is so long you couldn't even name all the corporations that have key 
positions in either the White House or in and out of that famed revolving door  
between government and business.  Here's a link and it is in no complete:




The banks were given taxpayer money by the banks, by Hank Paulson formerly of 
the most powerful investment bank on Wall Street.  The most powerful investment 
bank on Wall Street ran the Treasury Department of the United States under 
George Bush.  As insidious as any of the others is the Koch Brothers funding of 
the tea party.  A coincidence that the Koch brothers own the highly polluting 
paper industry and EPA is being deregulated?  And of course there's the 
grandaddy of them all, Social Security.  The Republicans have had it in for 
Social Security since FDR implemented it and they are now beside themselves to 
get rid of it and other social programs.  


A liberal democracy is about the people and making their lives better.  If the 
people don't count, where is the democracy?   







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