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  • Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 18:28:40 EDT

<<It may be a HOLIDAY for some, but for good God-fearing Puritans,  it's a 
HOLYDAY.  Spend it in church!  Or at least spend the day in  close 
proximity to a church key...>>
Don't get me started on what the school system teaches my children about  

<<CAN one do "nothing?" Isn't it a productive,  necessary part of the 
philosopher's life to sit and think>>
My husband commutes to his office 1/2 hour away daily and I often go with  
him to do billing.  Frequently there will be a fairly long period of  silence 
and I'll say (with my head constantly spinning), "What are you  thinking 
 Jim:  "Nothing".  Me:  "You have to be  thinking about SOMETHING".  Jim:  
"No -- just an empty  head....sometimes your mind just goes blank and you don't 
think about anything  and you rest...".  Then I realized that in earlier years 
when I was heavily  into meditation I did achieve a place of 
blank-mindedness, a pure single note of  peace.  But that some people achieve 
that w/out 
trying never crossed my  mind.       

Julie Krueger

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