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Jump a train and go to Pennsylvania where a guy has grown a 1,502 pound  
pumpkin.  I kid you not.  My husband (who is in total awe and draws  metaphors 
from the Great Pumpkin in Snoopy) thinks the owner should put it on  wheels, 
out some windows, and make a Cinderella Carriage out of it.  He  wishes he 
were close enough to make a pilgrimage to it.
_R.I.  pumpkin may be largest ever - Yahoo! News_ 
I did warn him about what it will look/smell like when the thing  starts 
rotting and growing green stuff on it.  He's in denial.
Julie Krueger
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Yay!  It's a "holiday"!  Can I justify  doing nothing?  If I do  
nothing, do I need to justify it?   Oh, how I'd like to take a day  
off... But the work won't do itself,  nor the applications put  
themselves together... What to do... Ah,  hell, I'm going back to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving,  Canadians,

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