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  • From: David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 22:42:34 -0800

I have just come back from our annual St. Andrew's Day dinner, where I sat
across from a Mr. MacDonald, who made not dead-cow burgers but a wine called
"Cara Mia," which was served.  Very nice pinot noir it was too.  We were not
introduced to Cara, but Mrs. MacDonald said she knew who this woman is.

To my left at the dinner was a Rich Person.  How could I tell?  By the way
he kept dropping names, telling me how much of a "big spender" he was, and
how poorly his children were doing in school.  "I was at somebody or other
Churchill's twenty first birthday party.  Princess Margaret was there."  You
don't get a lot of this in Oregon, thank goodness.  I was sort of interested
in the fact that his grandfather founded the oldest country club in Oregon,
thinking that he could join my father in a round of golf when my father
visits in February.  At the end of the dinner I raised this subject and he
said, "Does he like to play for a lot of money?"  I said, trying to make a
joke of the fellow's idiocy, "Yes, indeed, up to a pound sometimes."

Today's New York Times has a a typically smug article, written by the
improbably-named, Ruth La Ferla, (below the piece by Guy Trebay) about
Christian marketing.  It is titled "Faith-Based Beauty."  "Another Web site,
Heavenlybasket.com, a Christian gift site, offers a 'Pamper Her Body and
Soul' gift basket, with temptations like the company's floral Blush bath
foam and body lotion."  I read this as "floral Bush."  The article
continues, "Marketers of a more generic spirituality include Faith
Frankenfield, a beautician known to pray over clients as she slathers them
with Faith pumpkin and sulphur masks.  Her slogan?  "embrace your outer
purity."  Sulphur?!  What next?  Burning floral bushes with just a hint of
fresh money?

Here I am.

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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