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One would like to label the incipient 2011 heady, even giddy, what with the 
news that the globe is picking up speed (or slowing down a teensy tad less 
rapidly) to such an extent that they've had to pass on applying the regularly 
scheduled addition of a leap second this year. 

Giddy-app: there's my contribution to the language this day, saving some ad 
person working on the account of the silicon jockeys the personal energy 
expenditure to get a leg up on the competition.

To what degree could this revolutionary pace be due to the meteorological 
equilibration processes that, for one, have produced a more streamlined surface 
of the planet by melting the rugged and jagged ice caps to produce the 
relatively flatter ocean surface? Or, more directly anthropomorphically 
induced, along the lines of the Joni Mitchell line--"They paved paradise and 
put up a parking lot"--global sealing and so, you know?

May this cheer ring out, to the New Worldlers, faster than the earth's advance. 
Be good (as in "I'm good"), and of good cheer. And have a good and happy new 

Richard Henninge
University of Mainz
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  A toast and a cheer to Judy and Donal and Bruce (anyone else across the 
Atlantic) for whom it's already 2011.

  Let us know what 2011's like before it gets all the way to the US. We may 
want to take measures.


  Robert Paul,
  waiting for the future

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