[lit-ideas] HP Sauce -- and HP Grice: a connection?

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2) Did  Grice invent HP sauce? (ambiguity warning) Or did he just imply  it?
Actually, there might be a connection. I read (link 1 below) that "HP  sauce" 
was invented in 1903, in Birmingham ("HP", short for "Houses of  Parliament", 
London). Now, H. P. Grice was born in Birmingham (link 2), so it  may be 
related --.

_Definition  of HP Sauce - wordIQ Dictionary & Encyclopedia_ 
(http://www.wordiq.com/definition/HP_Sauce)      HP Sauce. HP Sauce.  HP Sauce 
is a popular 
brown sauce produced in Aston,  Birmingham, England. ... FG Garton's Sauce 
Manufacturing began to  market HP Sauce in 1903. ... 
www.wordiq.com/definition/HP_Sauce - 12k - _Cached_ 
e=UTF-8)  - _Similar pages_ 
"Grice was born on 15th March 1913 in Birmingham. His father  Herbert owned 
an initially successful business manufacturing small metal  components. When 
this began to fail after the First World War, he retired from  business and 
devoted himself to playing the â??cello. Griceâ??s mother, Mabel (née  Felton) 
in paying pupils and educated them, along with her own two sons, in  the family 
home. After this somewhat unorthodox beginning, Grice received a  
conventional privileged education, first at Clifton College in Bristol and then 
Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He read â??Greatsâ??, a four-year degree  
combining the study of classics with philosophy, and graduated with  First 
Honours. He spent a year teaching classics at Rossall, a public  school in 
Lancashire, before returning to Oxford, first as a postgraduate  student at 
Merton College and then as a lecturer in philosophy at St. Johnâ??s  College. 
He was 
elected to a Fellowship at St. Johnâ??s in 1939, but almost  immediately left 
Oxford for war service. He was commissioned lieutenant in the  Navy, initially 
being posted on active service in the North Atlantic and then,  from March 
1942 in Navy Intelligence at the Admiralty." 

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