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  • From: "Julie Krueger" <juliereneb@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 19:47:26 -0500

Somewhere between wtF are you talking about?? (tv series) and the
surrealistic notion of Lawrence as butting heads with rules, there's an
important post here.

Perhaps tomorrow after the migraine induced by 24 hours of storms I'll
remember what I thought it was about.

Julie Krueger

On 6/6/08, John Wager <john.wager1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ALL veterans I have ever met are quite suspicious of rules.  They not only
> know how stupid they usually are, but they also know how to circumvent them
> to get the job done when necessary. But veterans tend to be in support of
> duty, honor, and the defense of the country, which (unfortunately) gets
> labeled
> "conservative."
> There is no contradiction between seeing how many REALLY REALLY stupid
> rules the military can come up with, and a suspicion that government may not
> be the best judge of what we should do...
> Lawrence Helm wrote:
>> And . . . I wonder why no one has ever suggested an inconsistency between
>>> my conservatism and my dislike of rules.
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