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Not while they're hurting.  Then they lash out.  It's like caring about 
somebody while you have stomach ache or a crushed foot or something.  If and 
when they come through the other side, then yes, it's like somebody who had a 
stomach ache or crushed foot can appreciate someone else's stomach ache or 
crushed foot.  

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" it's *only* hurt people who hurt people.  Happy people just don't need to."
My experience has been that hurt people sometimes have a higher degree of 

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I'll read this later, but if we impugned everyone of good faith, which is to 
say motive, we'd find that most of our heroes when disrobed have very clay 
feet.  I almost defy you to find one that has pure motives.   
For Veronica, I originally said [Marx] was right, and he was wrong, and I have 
no strong feelings one way or the other about him.  I sympathize with his 
desire for a middle class, basically that's what he's doing, but I absolutely 
have no sympathy for his violent approach.  Revolution is another way of 
spelling war.  But then, people's imaginations are so limited, all they think 
of is violence.  Even we went out and invaded Iraq; Vietnam, and on and on.  
Also, poor people are as greedy as rich people.  Child exploitation is a 
horrific issue everywhere and always and is the root of all greed and evil.  
Capitalists were once children too, and the bad child rearing they experienced 
hardens them and makes them exploit the children they themselves once were.  
Hurt people will always hurt people and the cycle continues into forever.  In 
fact, it's *only* hurt people who hurt people.  Happy people just don't need 
For Robert, I agree.  The phrase has been shortened and made almost quippy.  I 
know translations can be tricky.  I don't know German whatsoever but I know 
just generally speaking it's the essence, not the words that are translated.  I 
think the essence remains of workers throwing off their chains though, don't 
you?  Kind of a rhetorical question.

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> Still, even if he was assigned
> the topic, it did seem to wind up as a recurring theme,
> perhaps even mission for his life.  Christopher
> Hitchens took apart Mother Theresa.  Does that mean she
> wasn't sincere?  Still looking for the
> evidence...

Link to a short piece by Prof. Flew that puts the issue of bad faith as 
something that can be shown by Marx's failure to take a seriously self-critical 
view of his own works...



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