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Maureen Dowd has some interesting observations about Obama's character, but
I haven't really studied him; so I can't speak to those.  Also, I never had
the expectations about him that she is referring to.  I never thought he was
Muslim.  How could anyone think that who examined the wit and wisdom of Rev
Jeremiah Wright?  I knew there were some Arabic Muslims who insisted on
believing that since Obama was born a Muslim that he remained one, but I
never heard that Obama thought of himself as anything other than a
I was interested in Obama's attempts to use more diplomacy in international
affairs.  My opinion of him didn't go up or down on that subject.  I am
thinking here, primarily of North Korea and Iran.  It is still too soon to
tell whether diplomacy will mute the aggressiveness of those two nations.  I
was interested in learning that our State Department convinced Israel that
Iran was at least a year away from developing a nuclear weapon.  There is
probably a time limit on that negotiation, however.  
As to Frank Rich, since I don't watch Fox News nor follow the people he is
denigrating, I can't have much to say.  I am surprised at his alarm,
however.  Surely Fox news isn't as powerful and influential as he suggests.
To answer him properly I would go back and dredge up some of the things you
said against my view that Islamism was powerful and influential.    I hope
the Fox News people aren't arming themselves.  We might need to call General
Petraeus back to defend the New York Times.
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Just wanted to give Lawrence a heads-up -- be sure to read Maureen Dowd's
column today:

And that of Frank Rich:

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