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Helm was referring to Borges and suicide and the theological ban on it.
Geary commented, "yep". In fact, suicide needs a conceptual analysis.

For Grice, the "sui-" in 'suicide' is Latin in origin, "since, since
Lucretia, this form of killing was popular." For x to commit suicide "a number
of conditions should be deemed necessary and sufficient." "Usually the one
about to commit suicide does not care about these;" Grice here mentions Cato
of Utica. "Yet they are important.

Once a conceptual analysis is provided, "there is still the question if it
is a good thing, or a bad one;" the implicature being that conceptual
analysis (or 'clarity', to echo Lewis) is not enough. We need an axiological
approach and a way to either refudiate Borges's theologians, or not!



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