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We are analysing M. Quinion's take on 'reduplicatives' (what he calls  
'tautonyms'). McEvoy thinks of himself as "Gorilla Gorilla". In fact, I read  
from wiki:
the name
"Gorilla gorilla"
was introduced by Savage in 1847, to distinguish from what I may call the  
'wren gorilla':
"Troglodytes gorilla"
The distinction was found otiose by the British Zoological Society: "Surely 
 a wren is not a gorilla".
I read from wiki:
"In the rules for botanical nomenclature, tautonyms are explicitly  
prohibited (ICBN, Art 23.4)".
This should confuse Witters -- who goes by 'forms of life'.
"The point," said the Chairman of the Society for Botany, "is to avoid  
otiosities like, "lettuce lettuce"".
Incidentally, "Mississippi River" is another tautonym, since, in the  
vernacular, "Mississippi", as every vernacular knows, means precisely that,  

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Fiendishly clever, Watson - use a subject  heading so that when it is 
bounced by Robert's settings it bounces  back.

Gorilla Gorilla 
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