[lit-ideas] Grice At The Counter

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I was reading in the New York Times, Prof. Lynne Rosenthal, who teaches  
English at Columbia, was pretty annoyed when she was asked -- by the policemen 
 -- to leave a Starbucks shop on 62nd Street and 8th, New York. The 
incident ran  as follows:
Prof. Rosenthal: A bagel, please?
"Starbucks partner": Multigrain?
Prof. Rosenthal: Yes, multigrain, thank you.
"Starbucks partner": Would you like any creem cheese or butter on it?
Prof. Rosenthal: You ARE an arsehole, aren't you?
The cops were told: "She is the one to blame. She refused to answer the  
On Gricean grounds.

"When I go to Burger King," Prof. Rosenthal explained, "I don't need to  
specify all the things I do _not_ want".
Speranza -- Bordighera

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