[lit-ideas] Re: Great Lakes machine guns raise ire in Canada

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I don't know what poetry you're talking about.  Maybe each poem needs to have a 
 user's manual appended to it?  You call it pessimism.  I call it realism.  
They invaded Iraq looking at the bright side.  Is there no object lesson in 
that of the hazards of not looking at reality?  

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No, no, no, Irene.   You can?t say that about Mike?s poetry.  You can?t reduce 
it to prose and say the poetic lines ?I don?t know and I don?t care? mean 
merely ?I don?t know and I don?t care? in prose.   That isn?t the way you read 
a poem.  Actually you can?t read tropes that way either.   So, suspend 
disbelief and ask what Mike means.  He has written you this poem.  Arise and 
leave your pessimism.  It isn?t good for you.  Quit caring about such negative 
matters.  The world is full of good things.  Think upon those things.  You are 
harming yourself with such negativity.  


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