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Peacocke, "as Attila writing a book on etiquette", quoted, 'obit.',  NYT.
Palma in "Dummett and Grice: The connection", writes: 
>odd, [one of the] the [twelve] apostle[s] was [also] named "Paul".  


There is online, incidentally, a paper by Paul Dummett (not  Michael 

Paul Dummett writes about Dummett on Foot. (Philippa  Foot* -- "My father 
is coincidentally sick in bed", or words to that effect, he  writes -- and 
Paul Dummett is delivering the paper on behalf of his father, as  he gives his 
father's best wishes to the audience).

(*: Oddly, Foot also lived at Park Town). 

Palma is right that the name of the apostle is Paul. 

When I was  researching onto negation, I came across a book, entitled, 

"Not Paul".  

I found it an interesting title, as I was concentrating on Paul Grice's  
views on negation. The complete title of this book was 

"Not Paul, but  Jesus." 

----- Paul's other brother was called Derek (Derek Grice), who  played the 
cello professionally.

It is interesting that the biographer of  Dummett cares to give the 
Christian names of the five children by Dummett, and I  came across that link 
because it is the only one that gives the full Christian  name of Mrs. Dummett, 
not Ann Chesney but Agnes Margaret Ann Chesney.  

The biographer is perhaps not informative enough when they write that  the 
Dummetts had, besides the five children whose names are provided, "two  
other" (one daughter and a son) which remain unnamed because "they died young". 

But such is life. 

In fact, none of the obituaries do care to  provide the full names of the 
other children -- but mention of 'predecease' is  given in all the obituaries 
(I should check this, because the information is not  provided in full).

So, it is good to comment on the Dummetts choice of  names for children. 
For their three MALE sons, they chose, in this  order:

1. Christopher Dummett
2. Andrew Dummett


3.  Paul Dummett.

For the record, the female names of Dummett's daughters  are: 

1. Susanna Dummett


2. Tessa Dummett

But,  again, the name of the daughter who 'died young' (as of the son who 
also did) is  undisclosed.

Incidentally, while a commentator to "The Guardian" (or was  it the "Daily 
Telegraph"?) was making a bad joke on "Dummett" qua surname ("Was  he born 
in Dummer?" "Oddly apposite name for a professor of logic"), the name  has a 
lot of French prestige, and derives from a place in France, in the Somme,  


-- a toponym -- which when overheard back in England,  was re-pronounced 
and re-spelt the way it is today, in parts:  "Dummett".

It should be pointed out that Michael Dummett's full name --  and some of 
his publications credit this -- was (indeed "is"): 

-----  Michael Anthony Eardley Dummett --- ("Sir Michael" if you must, for 
his services  "to racial equality and philosophy", he was also FBA, but 
resigned from the BA  soon enough -- vis-a-vis the Academy's support of 'cuts' 
-- he was reelected,  though, after settling the differences [not clear 

I tend to  assume that the Eardley has family connections, which I haven't 

I haven't traced, either, what part of London he was born in, or the  
whereabouts of his primary school. 

He did go to Winchester, which we  have located, and then to Christ Church. 

His original plan was to read  History. His scholarship for Christ Church 
was indeed for HISTORY, but the  'phoney' war (so miscalled) intervened and 
by the end of it, as he confessed, he  "had forgotten most of the history I 
had read at Winchester", so naturally  enough he changed to philosophy. 

Enter Frege:

The connection with  Frege came early enough via a programme "absurdly 
called" by Austin,  "Foundations of Epistemology" (or something like that). 
had Dummett reading  Frege, and the rest is history. After his BA and MA -- 
tutor: Urmson, but also  Flew and Foster at Christ Church) he got a 
position at All Souls and ended up  lecturing for years on the 'philosophy of 
mathematics'. And so  on.



In a message dated 1/12/2012  5:19:31 A.M. UTC-02, Palma@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
odd, the apostle was named  paul
>>> <Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx> 1/11/2012 11:52 PM  >>>
"In   1951 [Dummett] married Agnes 
Margaret Ann Chesney. ... They [had]  
five  children: Christopher, Andrew, 
Susanna, Tessa, and Paul."  *
Oddly,  Paul Grice's first* name was _also_ Paul.
*  They also had  another son and another daughter, but, the biographer  
notes: they "died  young".
** Strictly, it was Grice's _second_ or  middle name, as he was  christened 
"Herbert Paul Grice", taking his  very first name from his father,  also 
called "Herbert Grice  (Senior)".  

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