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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 06:35:20 -0800 (PST)

I just want to finish up about the poem.  I was in no way belittling or 
impugning Leonard Cohen.  I have associations of him in our first apartment, 
the carriage house with the knotty pine walls, wet bar for kitchen and big 
stone fireplace, playing his songs among others.  We were young and innocent 
and he was part of the family.  There is no way I would say anything bad about 
him.  Over the years I discovered Joseph Campbell and his journey inward.  
After all, what is a hero's journey but a journey inward, and it thrilled me 
when I realized that LC had a clue.  Even if he never heard of Joseph Campbell, 
at least on some level he knew that, like the Traveling Willburys sang, it's 
all right.  He's not at the end of the line, but it's all right.  He got it.  
And so I started with the song Great Pretender and thought the evolution would 
be obvious, as it was to me.  Of course more conventional interpretations of 
the poem are also there
 and add to its charm.  
Adding to my list of many talents beginning with can't type and progressing to 
can't read, I also wasn't impugning the tubes idea from John Wager.  I love 
that idea.  It's so true.  In rereading the post yet again, I do disagree 
only that it doesn't begin to address the idea of what makes us human.  Of 
course it does.  That's why there's the hero's journey, because heroes by 
definition are few and far between.  Not many take that journey.  For most of 
us, well, tubes just wanna have fun.  Not that I don't love everybody, which I 
don't, but one's reach needs to exceed one's grasp, or what's the point.
I had an It's Friday prepared but instead will offer only the following.  Check 
out the cast of characters.

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