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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 19:31:07 -0600

The "tube" image is also part of Alan Watts description of human beings in THE BOOK: ON THE TABOO AGAINST KNOWING WHO YOU ARE, a 1960's intro to World Soul or Transcendental Ego or Atman or Hinduism, take your pick. He describes humans as physically a tube, with stuff going in one end and coming out the other. He says that this physical description can't come close to explaining why humans are human.

Andy wrote:
I'm not getting posts in my inbox, so it's hard to respond. John's idea of a tube is interesting. It is something of an evolution, only it's a spiritual, emotional evolution. The tube as I see it is the boob tube, the television tube where images are everything. And with that, since for whatever reasonI'm not getting posts, I'll hang up and listen...

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