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Julie wrote: remembering when French was the must-have-language

ck: Wait, wait! Remember that learning Russian was considered de rigueur, as 
French faded. Then Spanish. But now, in the US, Spanish too is fading as a 
second language--it's more like everyone's second native language, so hobble 
along if you're not native in it. Now, should you instruct your children in 
Mandarin or Arabic, or both? Or perhaps teach them Farsi and Cantonese? It's 
tempting to place bets on which will be the linguistic global leader for the 
next two decades, but given Japan's relatively brief period in the global 
spotlight, maybe we should limit the wager to the next five years. Hell, maybe 
just stick with English and use an Indian-made computer translation progam.


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  Somehow I'm starting to think that getting my kids into language classes in 
Chinese and Indian might be more pragmatic than Arabic...

  Julie Krueger
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  Eric wrote:

  > What they don't tell you is that Vardi and Patterson outsourced the 
  > study group (data collection and analysis work) to India.

  Where do you think Vardi and Patterson ARE?

  Robert Paul
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