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  • From: "Paul Stone" <pastone@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 11:40:03 -0500

On 12/28/06, Andy Amago <aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 People care about themselves, that's all, and here we are, pretending
nothing is happening.  If on this erudite list there is so much resistance,
what hope is there anywhere else?

No one is pretending 'nothing is happening'... we're arguing about what that
thing is. I'm not resisting the prospect of climate change. But... that's
what climate does -- it changes. The saddest fact about Al Gore is that he
secretly HOPES that GW is happening as he describes it so he can say "I Told
you So!" He's like a 'generous' person who screams "look how much I just
contributed!" at the top of his lungs. He invented the Internet and he also
did a bunch of other things, which he talks about in his movie. All his
"good friends" and him do good work. [sarcasm on]

Like I said yesterday, we need to be less hysterical about this.  Let's say
I grant you that the last 100 years of industrialized living has contributed
to climate changes, what do you say we do about 'controlling' the pollution
output of developing nations? Would our hegemony be legitimate if we told
[by force] China to stop bilging CO2 into the atmosphere at record rates?
How about we endeavour to combat the REAL problem -- overpopulation? How can
we actually do that without  implementing seriously controversial social
engineering or eugenics?

So the US hit 300 million and Canada hit 30 million recently... other than
most of Europe and parts of Asia, they (TROTW) have BILLIONS (with a B) of
people spewing pollution at 1950s [industrially developing nation] levels.
What exactly are we to do about it? Do you have a plan Andy? Kyoto is
economically disastrous. Are we supposed to ruin our collective societies to
stem something that may or may not be 'catastrophic'? and can 16% of the
world's population cutting down (something we have already done incredibly)
their pollution have any effect on the other 84%?

The "solution" is bigger than a few people buying hybrid cars and people
becoming vegetarians.  But, what, clearly stated exactly IS the problem?
There is no consensus about what that is. "We" think we know that CO2
emissions cause generally warmer temperatures in some places on the Earth.
But look what is blamed on "Global Warming". If it snows, it's a hurricane,
no hurricanes, tides go up, water goes down, islands are made, islands are
swamped, current stops, current cools, current heats up, it's all an effect
of "Global Warming". Even an idiot knows you can't have it both ways. When
the same 'reputable' sources blame a harsh winter AND a mild winter on the
same thing, most people yell "BULL SHIT!" Is this year's completely harmless
hurricane season an 'anomaly' now?

People misuse the term "greenhouse effect" and make nonsensical lingo up
like "Global Warming" and "Greenhouse gasses" without understanding that
starting with incorrect, misleading terms and hysterical reporting of
phantom 'effects' is crying wolf. The reason that a lot of people are
ignoring this kind of thing is that the people who report it don't seem to
understand what the fuck they are talking about. They just report stuff that
is happening. There's no real science behind showing a glacier from 50 years
ago and then showing its former zone, now free of ice. That's just an
anecdote. I hear you say, well the opposite evidence hardly exists.
Unfortunately, there are no pictures of before (no glacier) and after
(glacier) because why would anyone take a picture of a place that there
WASN'T a glacier?

You report "an ice sheet that was supposed to take 100 years to melt, did so
in 35 days." AND?... Who said it was supposed to melt in 100 years? And who,
when the weather man can't even reliably tell me whether I can get a tee-off
time for two days from now, can tell me with a straight face how they know
the weather patterns for the next century?

If as you say, we are late in the day, then put on your galoshes and start
moving inland. There's nothing you can do about it.

I'm so not worried, that we're having a baby. It will inherit GW? Hopefully,
they'll have a better description for it by the time it can read the news.


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