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I have always only advocated friendly relations with countries for mutual benefit.  With Iran, for example.  Now the Baker report and people who originally supported the war, like military historian Max Boot, are supporting friendly relations with Iran for mutual advantage. Likewise when the Israelis invaded Lebanon, I thought, and said, that it was incredibly stupid.  I said over and over how much more effective feeding the hungry children and giving the adults jobs would be, exactly what Hezbollah is doing.  So, yes, definitely, I think we missed an opportunity in Africa, big time, and al Qaeda sneaked right in there and grabbed the opportunity.  I wouldn't be surprised if they find a way into Darfur and expand themselves that way.  Maybe you find it hard to believe that relationships don't have to be at the point of a gun?  Even when all evidence is to the contrary?

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We're the ones too stupid to let it slip through our fingers

See... I knew you wouldn't think twice about what you think you said, but read it again closely.
You said the opposite of what I think you meant.

Do you really mean what it appears that you said in this sentence

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