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Thanks John. Others may also have given generously on this topic but, I guess, 
chose to give anonymously and privately. More public donations needed.


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On the philanthropic front, a recent favorite of ours is Room to Read. Is it 
cost-effective or better than other charities that make more urgent appeals? I 
couldn't say. But to my wife and I, both avid readers since childhood, it is 
remarkably congenial. 

 Beer for Books is also a remarkably sociable fundraising mechanism and one 
that lends itself to multiplication. Just last night Ruth and I were in 
Kugehama Kaigan, a small beach resort south of Yokohama, where the owner of a 
French language academy held a Beaujolais for Books party, seizing on the 
opportunity of the marketing noise that accompanies the annual promotion of 
Beaujolais Nouveau in Japan, mobilizing members of the French community to lay 
out a sumptuous spread, and, it appears, raising a good deal of yen for the 


On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 10:55 PM, Donal McEvoy <donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx> 

There is a problem in deciding what charities are best to give to, particularly 
given the lack of transparency in many charities' activities [e.g. Save The 
Children, which has a very prominent and affecting television campaign running 
here) and proven failures in much charitable activity, which may not only fail 
to be cost-effective but may even overall worsen a situation - 'giving well' 
may be much more important, indeed valuable, than simply 'giving more'. So, if 
you wished to make a regular donation to a charity in order to improve the 
situation for people in the Third World, which charity would you choose and 
why? And, if it is any different, which would would you choose, and why, if the 
criterion was its likely or proven cost-effectiveness in alleviating suffering?

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