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Thanks, Veronica,


Sorry to hear about your Sheltie.  I know that grieving goes on, muted only
slightly by the years, for a lifetime.


But in regard to Ginger, not only did the Vet assure me there was nothing to
worry about in regard to the bite, but she did a complete physical and
pronounced Ginger "perfect."   She used a rating system where ten was obese
and one was emaciated.  She gave Ginger a five which the material she gave
me called "excellent," but she said "perfect."  


I also had a blood workup done and I haven't heard the result of that yet -
not that this would have anything to do with the coyote bite.  It has been
two years since Ginger's last physical and since she was being looked at for
the bite I had the vet do all the things she likes to do.  I was feeling
indulgent.  Ginger had some miscellaneous lumps and bumps on her but they
seem to go along with getting older and (from the Vets reaction) are nothing
to worry about.  


Duffy had been the most exciting one to photograph but it looks as though
Susan wants to ground him permanently rather than risk his being bitten.  I
don't think his being bitten down there would be very likely, but I didn't
think it very likely that in Ginger's case either.  I will definitely be
more cautious in the future, but more importantly I hope that Ginger will be
as well.




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I am so sorry to hear about Ginger's mishap.  I am glad she will be OK.
Since I had to put my Sheltie down in April, I have been watching your dogs
and have gotten somewhat attached to them.


Veronica Caley


Milford, MI

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