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Well, there you go.  I stand corrected, and I can see how "free and civilized" 
fit this particular situation better than "peaceful."  The protesters felt 
"free" to put on hoods and beat up some policemen, and the police were too 
"civilized" to do anything about it.

Your http://www.guardian.co.uk/Columnists/Column/0,,2091636,00.html  was very 
interesting.  I continue to enjoy reading Ash.  He reminds me of the old days 
when I was a liberal and everyone who at all sounded reasonable was too.  We 
weren't particularly strident back then -- just reasonable.


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>Ever since I read from Ash and heard from Andreas
>that Germany is the most peacefullest place in the whole wide

actually Ash wrote (according to your post in this thread)

"The Germany in which this film was produced, in the early
 years of the twenty-first century, is one of the most free and
civilized countries on earth"

Andreas emphasized freedom.  Nothing about "peacefullest", and
not"the most".
Mind you, I'd say "peaceful".

Ash will be writing for The Guardian from the US for the next six
months, here's his
inaugural piece


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