[lit-ideas] Re: Geisha (Was: Sapir/Whorf Hypothesis)

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  • Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 20:36:57 EDT

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aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
You  might be right.  I just have a hard imagining that when one combines men 
 and booze and professional pleasers let's call them, that sex isn't  
involved.  It still leaves the question of why these men prefer geishas  to 
time at home. 


Right. Which proves my point: the singing and dancing.
It's a logical point.
"That geisha cannot sing (or dance)" 
would be _contradictory_ (if not otiose) -- since it would amount to it  
saying "That geisha is not a real geisha" -- 
"That prostitute cannot sing (or dance)"
becomes pretty trivial (since few can, anyways).


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