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Cruella De Vil from Cent un  Dalmations.

How old was she? Can a fictional character have an age? Can  an
ANIMATED fictional character have an age? Maybe, but can they be  said
to have had all the other ages, too? Without a biography?---  


Sure. This is _philosophy_.

We cannot have an argument _depend_ *on* a contingent fact such as  'Nobody 
cared so far to write her autobiography'.
I like discussing cartoons.

I think Donald Duck is gay: he never wears trousers and is surrounded,  
ever single, by his three 'nephews'.
   He must be in his twenties.
Geary should elucidate us as to how old Pistorius is. Surely the date of  
his (official) date should not deter us for keeping counting his age 
afterwards  -- and even before: for which we need to trace back Pistorius Sr, 
Sr., Sr.  Sr. Sr., etc.
I thought Cruella de Vil had died?
JL Speranza
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