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hmmmm ... a
clear case of  legitimate exemption to be sure.

No, Mike was not one of the 3 odd people  who walked out during my talk. 
nothing really odd about  Mike


Did you mean 3-ish, 40-ish.
I thought the people who walked out were walking out after your talk but  
before the summation.
I have given talks, and cannot concentrate on audience. If they leave,  
their loss, that's what my mother says.
Anyway, 'odd' is an odd word to mean 1, and correlatives of 1: 3, 5, 7 9,  
I once invented a mathematical theory based only on the condition of 
a number being 'odd' or 'even'. 
-- It's been done before but I did not know.

As every schoolboy knows
It's always 'even' if at least one of the multiplicandum is even. Odd,  
otherwise. The classical example that Plato gives (Maen. 4007b -- and ss.) is 
               9 X 9 = 81
(Geary notes, further, that 8 + 1, i.e. the summation of '81' taking  
separately, is also '9', but we have concluded that that is kabbalistic:
        Geary, J. M. & J. L.  Speranza, "Cabbalistic elements in Plato"
             Commentary by R. Paul.
R. Paul: "The Greeks did not have a digital system, so to conclude from  
what Plato says is fallaciouis."
Geary sued R. Paul: "The Greeks may not have had a digital system, but they 
 had 10 fingers, like we do."
Now, division is more of a trick
               odd : odd = odd
For summation, as with 'deficiency', it's easier:
        odd + odd = even
As in the reciprocal of multiplication, the presence of an even number  
makes the summation odd ("provided the other summandum is not odd -- but  
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